Connect with PHARM Xtracts for all your hemp needs.  From biomass to processing and white labeling, we have the expertise and equipment necessary to produce what you need. 


Let PHARM Xtracts be your biomass source.  We grow the highest quality feminized seeds in our fields, resulting in high-CBD yields.

Hemp Processing

PHARM Xtracts uses state-of-the-art super- critical CO2 extraction to sequester high-CBD crude hemp oil. Contact us for bulk crude oil pricing.   

Distillation & Isolation

We have expertise in chemistry and engineering that allows us to bring high quality distilled and isolated cannabinoids.  Contact us for more information on bulk products.

White Labeled CBD Products

Do you need bottling or packaging of hemp products? Let us take care of that work for you! We create custom formulations from hemp extracts or CBD isolate.


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